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TypeKit Goes Live On The
26th Of June At 11AM EST

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5 Reasons Why TypeKit Is Going To Sell Like Hotcakes

Reason #1: We’ve Got A Strong Offer

We’ve got a HOT product for you this time, we really pulled no punches to make this happen.

Typekit fixes a massive traffic leak your customers have because they are NOT making themselves available to 80% of their potential traffic.

By offering english only you’re losing out on the majority of your traffic,

And TypeKit not only Translates to any language on the go, it keeps the page IN TACT and SEXY as it was before the translation (unlike google translate which breaks the page and thus the experience of the visitor)

And then, with a ground breaking feature no one has, it automatically collects everyone who translates in a lead in 1 CLICK.

AND, to top that off, a simple step is all it takes to translate your product to be congruent with your landing page!

Reason #2: We’ve Got A HOT Angle

This software doesn’t just fix a major leak and gets them 5x more traffic, but it also turns them all into leads.

So it doesn’t matter how you spin this, if you mail with traffic angle they’ll be blown away by the leads they will get. If you mail with technology angle they’ll be blown away by the traffic it gets, if you go the lead angle they’ll be blown away by how many extra leads they’ll get


This is an incredibly sexy USP, your audience will DEVOUR this.

Reason #3: We Went ALL In On This One

7 Figure Copy (We hired a 7 figure copywriter for this one because we want to ENSURE the success, we didn’t go cheapskate and we didn’t go for a beginner, only the best of the best)
7 Figure Design (Our design team is behind huge launches and known for slick, converting, easy to consume sales pages that convert like crazy from the get go)
Unlimited Retargeting Budget (we will retarget throughout the entire launch and after for as long as necessary to keep giving you those sales back, earning you 10% - 30% extra on your promo efforts)

Reason #4: We’re Trustworthy & We Send You Cash..ALOT OF IT.

You get paid 50% commissions across our entire funnel so you can make up to $XXX per sale
Our software is tested and proven to get results, and we have an amazing support team that responds to customer inquiries which is why our refund rate trends much lower than most vendors
We have a massive $5,000 cash bonus pool that’s up for grabs, so you can make even more money

Reason #5: We Reciprocate And Mail HARD For Our Partners! - Guaranteed Mailing To Our Top 10.

If you send us traffic, we appreciate it and love to show our thanks by sending traffic back your way when you have a launch
Any traffic is appreciated, and even if you just send us a few sales, we’ll hit you back the next time you launch a product that works for our list
We are well known for sending 100 to 300+ sales to our top affiliates, so the harder you mail for us, the harder we’ll mail for you!

Launch Timing

We’ve got a perfect launch timing for this one.

WHY? Because right now in a sea of endless offers that help your customers craft an epic funnel, create awesome videos and generate SEO traffic, customers will appreciate that this product will finally get them LEADS for free and explode their traffic, so this will actually contribute to ALL of their purchases lately.

Look At How Easy It Is To Translate ANY Page Into
A Readable, Fully Functional (No Design & Code Breaks)
Masterpiece In ANY Language & Collect Leads In 1 Click:


A Smooth High Converting Funnel For Stupid High EPC’s:


TypeKit Funnel Details


Must Be Announced Before The Launch Goes Live

NOTE: To qualify for any of these prizes you’re required to generate more or an equal amount in commission

1st Position === $3,000

2nd Position === $1,500

3rd Position === $1,000

Plus Other Prizes During The Launch


Mark Your Calendars For June 26th (and 27th..and 28th..and 29th..and 30th)

And Prepare For The Best Promotion You’ve Had In A LONG Time.


Reciprocation GUARANTEED.

Take a look and decide for yourself…

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